An investigative journey that explores the convictions of people fighting for reproductive
freedom versus the right to life, which exposes the fears and struggles that divide our nation.


Inspired by the courageous efforts of people on both sides of the reproductive justice movement committed to advancing the rights of women and the unborn, we strive to create a new possibility: a more civil and compassionate society. Through the lens of the human spirit, this timely film reveals a deeper understanding of the activism and intentions of the people surrounding
this polarizing issue.

CHOICE aims to educate and inspire the audience to explore women’s rights and how our society, medical science, culture, religion & politics are shaping that conversation. An investigative journey and untold stories of people at the center of the cultural, legal and scientific divide that shape our perspective on women’s reproductive rights and the choices that are made.


Documentary Series


There has never been a time in recent history where the issue of CHOICE has been so polarizing. No matter where you stand on the position of reproductive rights, we can all agree it is THE issue at the forefront of our emotional divide. How did we get here? What does our future look like as we navigate the challenges?

We spoke to hundreds of individuals who shared their personal, professional and eye-opening stories of CHOICE, many for the first time. Join us as we pull back the curtain on CHOICE. You will be empowered, inspired and taken on an unexpected investigative journey.


Reframing The Debate


CHOICE is a powerful film that can spark a cultural shift, creating ripple effects to changing policy in the world and impacting every person’s life in an intimate way.

CHOICE examines the real life choices women have, what elements influence their choice, what control they have over those influences and is there a better way.  The film invokes our humanity through the commonality of all having someone we love and all having been touched by this issue, directly or indirectly in some way.

3 Unique Perspectives

Virginia state capitol building in Richmond Virginia


  • What is the threat to our Constitution?
  • What is the impact of new justices on the Supreme Court?
  • Are lawmakers educated enough to pass laws?
  • Are we fully aware of the financial & sociocultural changes caused by a change in policy?


  • What roles do the new advancements in medicine, science & technology play in our legal & moral codes?
  • What is the impact of this knowledge on our society? Do these developments threaten or help our laws?
  • Is a woman’s reproductive history related to her risk of breast cancer and/or any Psychological problems?


  • How does our society view a fetus at various stages of development?
  • Has religion become viewed as an adversary to women’s rights?
  • How can we reconcile the vastly opposite viewpoints of this debate & ensure all voices are equally heard?
  • Why do some women feel they have no choice?

Talking With The Enemy

The Public Conversation Project

For nearly six years, leaders on both sides of the abortion debate have met in secret in an attempt to better understand each other.  These conversations have led to a very affective free and open discussion which can be seen in detail through the CHOICE Documentary Series.

Special thanks to:  Barbara Thorp, Melissa Kogut, Frances Hogan, Rev. Anne Fowler, Madeline McComich, Nicki Gamble, Susan Podziba.